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Welcome to Moksha Naturopathy

Welcome to Heaven

Dr Shweta Pandey

 We are here to provide  you with healing within and rejuvenating your health, mind ,body and soul.

Keep in touch with us for inquiring about the treatments proceedings and further conveniences.

Moksha Naturopathy Centre In Pune, India have a lot of Experience in the field of Naturopathy.

  • Pioneering treatments and helping patients to overcome pain .
  • At moksha naturpathy we connect you with dots of biosphere,which the secret of your health and healing process.
  • At a journey where we teach you to quit medication and heal through natural sciences.
  • Join in with moksha naturopathy , the seed we sow today is the plant that will cure you tomorrow

What We Offer for Good Health?

Nurturing the segments, healing within and rejuvenating your health, mind ,body and soul.


Treating disease ,injury or deformities with the use of physical methods like massage, heat treatment and exercise rather than using medications and drug for cure.

Massage therapy

Form of therapy used to manage health condition or enhance wellness , it also involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body it cures lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches etc

Mud therapy

By this therapy we can ensure that it absorb toxins from human body therefore is very useful in preventing many diseases.

Hydro therapy

Treatment taking place with the use of water in different conditions ,including arthritis and related rheumatic complaints.

Yoga therapy

Therapy using the postures of yoga, breathing exercise , meditation and guided links of yog asana to improve mental and physical health .

What People Are Saying


" Amazing treatment helped me to overcome the habit of taking medication regularly"
Punit Jain
"Cooperative doctors and the physiotherapy sessions here helped me to cure my knee and back pain"
Shobha Sharma
"I came here continuously for 6 months till my treatment ended . and I am very thankful to moksha naturopathy that they cured me of all the diseases I was suffering from"
Rita Moudgil

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