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What are the Physical and Mental Benefits of Pranayama

What is Pranayama?

As the word  “Pranayama” is the sequel related to yoga in the natural medical science of healing. To be specific it means’ the practice of controlling breath during yoga’

About pranayama :

As the yoga techniques are being modernized with time, the way we define or explain about Pranayama is also different as now it includes synchronization of breath while we perform yoga- asana. Pranayama can also be practiced by itself without actually emphasizing on movements of asana. It is also performed for relaxation and better breath –in alignment after yoga-asana. And we should also see the benefits of pranayama

As we look forward to this alignment and how just the use of pranayama to be specific could have many benefits for improving our mental and physical health drastically. It’s been long that yoga and Pranayama have been considered one but they aren’t let me clarify this statement here “ pranayama is a Part of yoga “ and most of you would be shocked to know that we might just pay attention to momentary yoga-asana but not it is core element which might complete your sense of practicing the asana that ‘s where “ pranayama comes into the picture.

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Emphasis to breath and release with gestures of asana hand movements or periodic practices of pranayama could make so much difference about how you perform yoga and to rip out its actual beneficiaries by also performing pranayama along with asana and separately 

Let’s discuss the benefits of pranayama as a whole to improve your breathing practice and fight certain diseases.

Advantages of Pranayama

These advantages tend to inform you how the practice of “Pranayam”  could be the way to improve your physical and mental health.

So you should go through the advantages of pranayam that we have for you . 

  1. Perform breathing along with movements and you have the best combination ever!

It’s not so surprising that we are only concentrating on how flexibly we make our postures during yoga, but fail to notice that yoga in itself is divided into eight limps and just doing the posture right won’t fulfill the requirement of practicing asana we are trying to improve our limp body by tightening the bones and muscles but forgetting the fact that balance of breath is also important. Just so for instance, asana could be performed better and could be held for a longer time if done with “ kapalbhati”

To end on a note choice is yours performing the asana by itself or also building your health and strength to do it better along with pranayama, that is what we emphasize on “pranayama yoga benefits (breathing along with the movement )“!!!

  1.  Prevents the sense of nervous breakdown 

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that many of us are struggling with work , life , expectations, tactics of a busy lifestyle leaving our mental peace behind .. Ever thought that could cause us nervous breakdown, to be specific a state of mental distress. Practicing pranayama for merely twice a day for 10-15 minutes could make so much of a difference to our mental health . It would be very beneficial if you just could make an early morning pranayama routine because when you meditate in the morning before work your mind is at peace and you could prevent attracting crucial symptoms of nervous breakdown  called “ stress” . 

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  1.  Regulates sense of introspection 

We humans often tend to run away from the fact that discovering our inner self is so important. It won’t be surprising to many of you who might have seen that asana performed is just for flexible exercise of the body which can be repeatedly done, but what’s the actual benefit until you calm down and meditate to introspect ! By introspection you also get a sense of control of your emotions. You become so calm and composed after each repeated session of Pranayama that you can dissolve anger in seconds , control the volume of tears, encounter sadness and what not! Introspection leads you to a pathway to understand your inner-self better and to do that adding pranayama to your fitness routines is the key to it !

  1.  Improves Blood Flow 

To your surprise! many of you might not know this fact that any form of  Pranayama if performed correctly can also benefit you to have a good blood flow and increase the number of blood cells in your body. The continuous sense of breathing during these pranayama namely  Nadi Shodhana, ​​Agni Sara / Fire Breath, Ujjayi Breathing, Kapalbhati improve your sense of breathing and ensure the release of carbon dioxide and intake of oxygen in more percentage the continuous rate of fast breathing ensures 

  1. Prevention of clogged breath 
  2.  Increases the count of red blood cells 

Hence it ensures improvement of blood flow.

  1.  Asthma? Pranayama comes to the rescue ,use pranayam to cure it .

Since the problem of breathing is concerned synchronizing breathing activities could be a great cure, it won’t be obvious to say that pranayama acts as healing medicine for patients suffering from severe asthma. Naturopathic doctors are the envy of suggesting different types of yoga breathing techniques ( types of pranayama)  such as Bharastika, Anulom Vilom Pranayama,  Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, Savasana to ensure that asthmatic patients practice these regularly to improve their conditions and in some cases, a regular routine of following these Pranayama has completely cured asthma.

Hence these 5 points sum up the importance of pranayama in physical, mental, and emotional development, and Moksha Naturopathy focuses on these points to get rid of mental stress.

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