Weight loss program

The word “diet “ has become synonymous with drastic weight loss, health loss, energy loss, metabolic rate and loss of sanity! We strongly believe that your diet has to be a proper representation of what you should eat your entire life. And as a person, it is also very important that your weight- loss program is specific to your lifestyle, your likes, and dislikes, your work life, your level of activity only then it has a good chance of working. Dieting that only has its primary goal as a weight loss could sometimes be a total failure. The weight – loss program should be taken into consideration with a holistic view that during this one would control the intake of calories in accordance with the fat generation pattern of the body type. Fat generation of the body type depends on the metabolism rate and also the time at which a person consumes food items per se. Some major causes of weight gain could be :

  • Underactive thyroid 
  • PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Tiredness (lack of sleep and rest)
  • Diabetes treatment

The way everyone’s digestive system functions after consuming fats is very different, as some people might be prone to various allergies related to particular types of fats. We just don’t draw your attention towards weight – loss ( per se) in the program but try showing you the bigger picture about how a healthy ‘ diet ‘ can help you to reduce your weight automatically and help you to improve your food habits.

Here are some things we tend to aim at : 

  • We aim at including at least one protein source, one fat source, and mostly low carb vegetables.
  • We ensure that your diet has enough gap for water and liquid consumption to keep your body hydrated all day long.
  • We also tend to suggest some easy exercises that you could do on a regular basis to improve your metabolism.
  • We might also advise you to eat your meals on time. 

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