Ringworm Cure

Ringworm Disease Can be Cured? Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


Ringworm is a skin infection which is also called as dermatophytosis, dermatophyte infection, or tinea. It is a fungal infection in the shape of the ring. Humans and animals both can be infected by this infection. Usually, it starts with the small red color patches on the skin and if it’s not diagnosed on time then it will cover the other body parts also.

How will you catch the Ringworm symptoms?

To know the symptoms of Ringworm disease, you may check the few things to make sure that you are suffering from this disease or not. Symptoms may include:

  • Red patches on the skin
  • Itching
  • Round rings can be increased by the edges
  • Overlapping rings

Why Ringworm Happened?

There are a few main reasons behind the Ringworm causes. It is basically a contagious fungal infection that happened because of mold-like fungal that exists on the dead tissue of the skin.

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This infection eats the keratin of the body that’s why it usually attacks the area like skin, scalp, hair, and nails.

Human to human:

If someone came in contact with the infected person then there are high chances to get this infection. Because skin infection can be spread through touching, using the same soap, same towel, and using the other things of the infected person.

Animal to Human:

Dogs, cow, and cats are the most common animals which can be infected with ringworm. So, if you can touch them then it can easily infected you also.

Object to Human:

Like we said above, skin infection can spread by using the objects which infected person used. so, you have to make sure not to touch those things.

Soil to Human:

This disease can be spread through infected soil if you contacted it. But it happened in rare cases.

What are the types of Ringworm disease?

Different types of Ringworm disease are given below, please have a look..!!

Tinea Capitis:

It happened on the scalp of the body that may increase the itching also. In most of the cases, it happened in the children.

Tinea Corporis:

It can be seen on the skin of the body parts. You can see the red patches in the round shape.

Tinea cruris:

In this type, the infection can occur under the thighs and buttocks area. It’s common in male and teenage boys.

Tinea Pedis:

It’s an infection of Foot and people who can go barefoot in public places can easily infect this type of this infection.

Stages of the Ringworm:

You can’t instantly see the symptoms of the disease when fungal infected you. It will take two weeks to come up with full symptoms

First Stage:

In this stage, you will see the red color patches on the skin. It may look like a dry red patch. The size of this patch can be small and not in the ring size. It may appear in the few areas of the body in the initial stage.

Second stage:

Under this stage, your patches will increase in size and it will give irritation and itching. Now, the size of the ring will also grow. Slowly it will appear on the other area of the skin. It’s high time for you to consult a doctor at the initial stage for fast recovery.

Do you know the Ringworm Treatment?

After finding out the Ringworm symptoms you can go for the treatment to doctor. He will diagnosis by testing your skin. As per the types of fungal, he will suggest you the medicines.

For Ringworm diagnosis, the doctor may also take a sample of your skin and send it to the lab for further testing.

After checking your report, he will sure about the type of your infection and suggest the Ringworm disease treatment and some precautions to you.

You need to follow them for a better recovery. Other than the medicines, the doctor may also tell you about doing meditations, and some changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Lifestyle Changes:

In the lifestyle changes, you need to take care of many things which are necessary. For example-

  • You should bath daily and wash the infected area carefully. Need to dry after bathing and put the cream which is suggested by the doctor.
  • Try to wear loose clothes, so you won’t get sweating on the infected area.
  • Don’t use towel, soaps of any other family members
  • Wash your hands after putting medicines/cream on the infected area.
  • Take medicines on time.

Ringworm disease can happen to anyone and it can be cured also by consulting a doctor. If you notice your symptoms in the initial stage then don’t delay and go to the medical help. You just need to follow some lifestyle changes and precautions to recover from this disease as soon as possible.

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