Diabetes Control Program in India

Naturopathy Diabetes Control Program And Its Benefits

Understanding Diabetes

Our body cells require sugar; in other words, glucose, for energy. This sugar enters the cells with the help of insulin. What insulin does is signal the muscle, fat, and liver cells to take in sugar present in our blood. Thus, it helps regulate blood sugar levels.

But what happens when sugar can’t enter those cells? You guessed it right! It keeps on piling up in the blood. This is what leads to Diabetes.


 A little about the types: Type I and Type II diabetes are both caused by sugar accumulation in the blood, but the mechanisms with which it does so differently in both types.

  • When a body can’t produce insulin, the result is too much sugar in the blood with no effective mechanism to reduce it. It leads to the apparent outcome: Type I diabetes. The worst thing about type I Diabetes is that it usually occurs in childhood.

  • Type II diabetes is a different thing. It occurs through two possible processes:

    1. The cells become insensitive to insulin. In simple words, the cells don’t detect insulin’s presence, so insulin cannot signal them to take the sugar inside them.

    2. The body does not make sufficient insulin to lower blood sugar levels.

  • Both processes lead to high sugar levels in the blood, ultimately causing Type II diabetes. It may occur due to the combination of both factors, but the outcome is the same. Type 2 diabetes is primarily a disease of the elderly.

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Treating Diabetes

There must be a reason why you’re reading this right now. Maybe you typed on the search bar of Google “Naturopathy Centres in Mumbai or nearby,” and this site popped up, and you decided to give it a go.

But why, naturopathy? Indeed, you’ve been to a doctor before. And maybe, just maybe, the results weren’t what you expected? Maybe something was lacking in the treatment? Or was it the side effects that you encountered while your treatment with drugs?

Yes, we agree, the side effects are a little too much. If you’re new to this Ayurvedic Treatment Centre and are somewhat skeptical about approaching it, we’ll convince you why it should be the way of treating and managing Diabetes!

  • Most doctors prescribe Insulin and Metformin for the treatment of Diabetes. Type II needs Metformin, while both types need insulin. While there’s nothing wrong with this treatment, and quite useful, these drugs’ side effects are severe enough to discontinue therapy.

  • Metformin’s side effects include nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating, loss of appetite, diarrhea, lack of energy, weakness, respiratory tract infections, low levels of vitamin B-12, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, muscle pain, chills, and deficient blood glucose levels.

  • A serious condition, although rare, lactic acidosis may be a side effect of Metformin. Lactic acidosis appears in one out of every 30,000 patients taking Metformin and is fatal in 50% of cases. The symptoms are excruciating, including trouble breathing, abnormal heartbeats, weakness, stomach discomfort, and feeling cold and lightheaded.

  • Deficient levels of blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is the significant side effect of insulin. This causes many problems like hunger, fatigue, nausea, confusion, heart palpitations, headache, muscle weakness, blurred vision, tingling and numbness, tremors, and loss of consciousness.

  • Other side effects of insulin are headaches, redness, swelling of the skin, body swelling, itching, or rash due to injection allergy, changes in body fat distribution, allergic reactions, and sodium retention. Insulin also causes weight gain and can worsen some eye conditions in Diabetes.

Naturopathy Diabetes Treatment

The Best Treatment Method For Diabetes

Due to all these painful side effects caused by allopathic treatment, natural is the way to go! Diabetes is a very stubborn disease with no cure and lifelong treatment. Its many severe complications and the disease’s problems make it very difficult for people to manage Diabetes, and many people go into remission. The allopathic treatment may alleviate the symptoms of Diabetes, but the side effects it causes rubs salt into a patient’s wounds. This is why it is essential to choose the Moksha Naturopathy Centre in Pune as a treatment option.

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Naturopathy is the treatment with natural remedies like lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. You might be thinking, why go to great lengths of leaving for a naturopathy center in India when you could manage it on your own in your home by adjusting your lifestyle by making some diet changes and regular exercise? Because naturopathic doctors are professionals in helping their patients in making these changes because you might change your lifestyle on your own, but the question is, would you stick to it?

Our naturopathic doctors are professionally trained in counseling and nutritional science. The strategies they use are highly beneficial in making a real change in a person’s life by engaging them to control their health.

Diabetes can not be cured, but it can be effectively managed by reducing the disease’s complications. The complications diabetes can lead to are heart disease-causing a heart attack, brain disease resulting in a stroke, eye disease causing blindness, kidney disease-inducing kidney failure, and dialysis, and nerve disease-causing issues like foot ulcers (in which you’ll have to amputate your foot eventually). These outcomes can be prevented by managing blood sugar levels effectively.

We focus not only on treating the symptoms of the disease but also on the whole person. We believe that a healthy body and a sound mind act en masse to create a robust and perfectly healthy individual. Our Diabetes Control In Program India aims to regulate blood sugar levels and counsel the patient to create a healthy lifestyle by taking a holistic approach. What makes Moksha the best Naturopathy Centre in India is evident by the different strategies we use during treatment, which are:

  • A dietary guide throughout the day to help the patient in controlling his glucose levels in the blood.

  • Regular counseling to build a healthy lifestyle in patients and guide them to make them mindful of their health to participate in their own disease management actively.

  • Thorough guidance on preventative measures and helping the patients to incorporate these measures in their lifestyle to prevent the disease from worsening.

  • Therapy through herbs and nutritional supplements to amend nutritional deficiencies, which help in the overall management of the disease by having good nutrition.

  • Regular assessment of dietary and exercise plans to keep the person on track.

  • Regular check-up of blood sugar level to review the progress in disease management.

  • Drug management strategies.

  • Regular examination of any symptoms that may be the indicators of any complications.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to treat Diabetes through medications and suffer from the painful side effects or by choosing nature’s way by coming to our nature cure hospital in Pune.

The Perks?

Nature is the best remedy. The benefits you receive from our therapy are not just physical; you can also benefit from our therapy by soothing your mind. Many diabetic patients suffer from depression and anxiety because managing Diabetes can be extremely stressful. Also, the complications arising from Diabetes make it more challenging to handle, further increasing the stress load.

Incorporating an active lifestyle through exercise and diet management helps in calming the mind. The counseling sessions we provide help in further healing your psyche.

In short, all you get are benefits from this therapy instead of side effects! So, if you’re looking for a naturopathy hospital in India that offers all these services, head our way!

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