Mud Therapy Pune

Mud Therapy In India

Mud therapy is a way to use earth’s natural element for healing. It’s a part of naturopathy treatment which actually originates from South India. It is popularly known as KAYAKALPA THERAPY, closely related with SIDDHA medicine. Therefore it’s one of the most trusted methods of healing in Asia.

Moksha Mud Therapy


Mud has proven to be surprisingly very beneficial for mankind, chiefly in the health sector. Here at MOKSHA we unfold the secrets and stand as the best mud therapy institute in India. Our professionals are experts in their field and are well versed in the method of applying the healing mud on areas which generate excess heat or are under constraint. 

Moksha has its experts to treat you. The method is carried out flawlessly by us while you relax in comfort and let the best mud therapy centre treat you. Our Moksha mud therapists are fully trained to deliver the best.


Our system is always working and the Excess amount of heat it generates places stress on the system which may give rise to various disorders. Soil is found to retain moisture for a long period, and when applied on the body it can cool down the system to a great extent. Hence, The mud’s dark color absorbs different colors and gives the body therapeutic properties. It’s an effective treatment modality as MOKSHA involves scientific use of moistened earth in an appropriate manner and provides the best mud therapists in India. Mud therapy has broadly two types, these are mud packs and mud baths and so far Moshka has offered them both in India and has now firmly become the best mud therapy institute of India.

Our experts pour cooled mud into a cloth strip and make it into a bandage. This is placed on  the affected area of the body, and coated with a protective material such as flannel. For adults, the mud pack can be around 20 X 10 X 2.5 cm in dimensions. We vary the dimensions of the mud treatment cloth on the basis of the patients’ needs. The body area that is to be treated is fomented at first for approx 5 or 10 minutes until it is heated well enough. It is then that mud is directly applied over the affected area for 5 – 15 minutes, based on the response that is required.



Mud therapy treatment has a wide range of benefits for your health and care. Mud therapy  works efficiently due to its ability to relax the pores of the skin, relieve inner congestion,draw the blood to the surface, promote heat radiation and eliminate unhealthy or ‘morbid’ matter. Both mud packs and mud baths are beneficial for the body.

    Mud therapy acts on skin complexion , dark spots and patches, skin diseases such as Psoriasis, urticaria and Leprosy can also  be cured. It is also a first aid for wounds.
    It also helps to reduce eye stress. It’s application is beneficial in cases of conjunctivitis, eyeball haemorrhages, itching and allergies.
    Congestive headaches immediately relieve pain when a mud pack is applied on the forehead.
    An abdomen mud pack helps in decreasing intestinal heat and readily stimulates peristalsis, therefore reduces chances of indigestion.

Mud therapy is a very cost-effective way to heal your body. It is done at a very economical budget for our valuable customers at Moksha in Mumbai, Pune and hence overall India has so far appreciated our work. Our charges are feasible and our customer-friendly environment makes all treatment seekers comfortable and ultimately satisfied. We have other services like Physiotherapy, in exercise section yoga therapy, to control cholesterol we have Diabetes Control Program, also Acupuncture therapy, and to lose weight Weight Loss Center, etc.