Diet and Nutrition

There is no such thing as going ‘on’ or ‘off ‘ on your diet . Eating correctly is a life long commitment that one should make to oneself.

For diets to work they should be personalized. All food that we consume on day to day basis has nutrition which have worked for our body in some or the other way .

 there are some general sections that we tend to put  up about how a diet might comprise of but certainly every treatment  involves personalized changes in intakes of nutrition .

If a proper diet is not insured you may also be sleep deprived.  


Loss of sleep or disturbed sleep is a common problem. We aim at improving your diet and improving the amino acid content of your meals so that you could get enough sleep. We also ask you to avoid any nutritional pills as they increase the content of carbs and we also advise you to stay away from sleeping pills as they only drug you to sleep and make you feel tired after you wake up. 

We have also discovered that, there has been a protein craze in the dieting world. People who want to loose weights swear by high proteins, but they also tend to forget that fats and carbohydrates are very important to provide energy to the body.

We aim towards bringing a balance between different types of proteins, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates to ensure a balanced healthy diet for our patients which they can easily cook in their house and resembles their deal meal routine but in a more systematic and healthier way.

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